Recently, the leadership from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The Manufacturing Institute rounded out their State of Manufacturing tour across the US with a stop in the Bay Area. The team was led by the NAM’s CEO and President, Jay Timmons and The Manufacturing Insititute’s Executive Director, Carolyn Lee. Timmons and Lee are seen here in the center of the photo with Bishop Wisecarver’s President Pamela Kan at the far left.

Leaders and representatives from a number of Bay Area manufacturers were present to represent the sector: Sandy Hunter, President of Hunter Hawk, Hannah Kain, CEO of ALOM Technologies, team members from the Martinez Refinery and Corteva, Claudia Wentworth, CEO of Quick Mount PV, and others. Several members of the broader community, including leadership from AMBayArea, joined the group in the tour and roundtable discussion of issues affecting Bay Area manufacturers.


The factory tour led attendees to one of Bishop Wisecarver’s more recent acquisitions for automated grinding and polishing, seen above.

Members of Bishop Wisecarver’s production team remarked on how much they have learned in recent years as a result of new technologies coming online and the ever forward push to balance years of traditional training & craftsmanship with automation and other productivity-boosting strategies.

The following morning, the leadership team gathered at the Salesforce building in San Francisco to televise a panel discussion on the manufacturing workforce. Left to right: Salesforce’s Manufacturing VP, Achyut Jajoo, CMTA President Lance Hastings, Jay Timmons, NAM Chairman David Seaton, and Carolyn Lee. Learn more here…

This was a rare opportunity to communicate with national and state-level leaders in raising the voice and visibility of the manufacturing sector. AMBayArea is committed to supporting its members and the broader community through advocacy, connectivity, education, purchasing power, and workforce development.