AMBayArea Committees are comprised of board members and general members enabling the organization to benefit from the vast skills and knowledge of a variety of individuals. Committees have the common goal of furthering AMBayArea’s mission by expanding programming focused on AMBayArea’s five pillars, as well as operational excellence.

The following committees are open to AMBayArea members:

Marketing/Communications Committee

Chair: Karen Burns

The Marketing/Communications Committee creates guidelines for communicating to internal and external audiences to ensure a standard of quality and consistency for all marketing communications.

Estimated Annual Time Commitment: 12 Hours (Quarterly Meetings, Tasks) | Join Committee

Member Education Committee

Chair: Open

The Member Education Committee is dedicated to delivering high value, actionable information for AMBayArea members to help them improve their business and manufacturing operations.

Estimated Annual Time Commitment: 12 Hours (Meetings, Tasks)  | Join Committee

Membership & Fundraising Committee

Chair: Jeff Hamlin

The Membership & Fundraising Committee is responsible for growing the membership and raising funds to expand AMBayArea programs that support Bay Area manufacturing.

Estimated Annual Time Commitment: 18 Hours (Quarterly Meetings, Tasks)  | Join Committee

Purchasing Power Committee

Chair: Colin Christian

The Purchasing Power Committee recommends useful group purchasing opportunities to the board after assessing a given offering against the needs of member organizations and information from outside groups, including other trade associations.

Estimated Annual Time Commitment: 16 Hours (Quarterly Meetings, Tasks) | Join Committee

Workforce Development Committee

Chair: Mark Martin

The Workforce Development Committee strives to help companies find the best entry-level, skilled trades, and professional employees possible helping manufacturers continue to grow and be successful.

Estimated Annual Time Commitment: 18 Hours (Quarterly Meetings, Tasks)  | Join Committee

The following committees are open to AMBayArea Board Members only:

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for vetting and forwarding pertinent information to the board for consideration of dissemination to members. 

Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee contributes to the planning and development of AMBayArea events, including the Summit and mixers.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for record-keeping and budget development.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying and vetting potential board members and presenting them to the AMBayArea Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

If you are interested in joining the AMBayArea Board of Directors, email