Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMBayArea?

The Association of Manufacturers Bay Area (AMBayArea) is a trade group that supports and promotes Bay Area manufacturing through Member Education, Workforce Development, Purchasing Power, Grassroots Advocacy and Collaboration.

What benefits do AMBayArea Members receive?

AMBayArea members have access to member education, which includes events with industry experts, as well as webinars and thought leadership articles by subject matter experts; Workforce Development programs, such as the Bay Area Dream it. Do it. ambassador program that connects manufacturers with students, parents and educators; Purchasing Power that includes discounts on goods and services, as well as world-class liability coverage specifically for manufacturers; Grass Roots Advocacy,  to raise the voice of Bay Area manufacturing and its vital role in our local and global economies; and Collaboration – drawing on best practices, building effective alliances, and partnering with local and national organizations to promote Bay Area manufacturing.

How do I join the AMBayArea?

AMBayArea offers varying levels of membership to community stakeholders, which include manufacturers, educators, city representatives, service providers, government agencies and supply chain members. Benefits vary between membership levels, but can include access to educational webinars, invitations to events, networking opportunities, discounts on products and services, and more. Interested companies or individuals can apply for membership at

Can non-manufacturers join AMBayArea?

AMBayArea is a trade group dedicated to ensuring manufacturing thrives in the Bay Area. We recognize that non-manufacturers offer services that help support and promote the manufacturing industry. Therefore, non-manufacturers may apply for AMBayArea membership. However, their application will be reviewed and approved per the guidelines set forth by the AMBayArea Board of Directors and Bylaws, which includes maintaining a majority of manufacturer members. In some cases, a non-manufacturer will be put on a waitlist to maintain a majority manufacturer membership.

Can all AMBayArea members attend all AMBayArea events?

All AMBayArea members will have the opportunity to network with other AMBayArea members at events throughout the year. We recognize that non-manufacturers offer services that help support and promote the manufacturing industry. However, there will occasionally be events that are exclusive to manufacturers. For example, AMBayArea holds quarterly CEO Roundtable Discussion that are exclusive to C-level manufacturing executives. These exclusive events provide an opportunity for executives to share challenges, best practices and confidential information in an intimate setting.

Who formed AMBayArea?

The East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (EBAMP) and the East Bay Manufacturing Group (EBMG) joined forces to form the Association of Manufacturers Bay Area (AMBayArea) in October 2017. By forming the new 501c6 organization, AMBayArea brought together the extensive networks of these two groups as well as a meaningful strategy for sustaining their outcome-based initiatives.

Who leads AMBayArea?

AMBayArea is led by a Board of Directors that includes executives from large and small manufacturers, as well as representatives from the non-profit, government and education domains. In addition to the Board of Directors, AMBayArea has an Advisory Board that is comprised of experienced professionals that provide counsel to the Board of Directors and Administration. The entire leadership team is continually developing and maintaining relationships with local and national groups and individuals to provide meaningful support for all the production industries throughout the Bay Area.

What is the criteria for a company to join AMBayArea as a manufacturer?

A Bay Area manufacturer is defined as having a production facility in the Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma) that uses physical materials and components in a production process, which adds value to said materials.