Member Testimonials

I have found my membership in the Association of Manufacturers Bay Area exceptionally valuable. The Executive Roundtables are excellent…everyone’s contributions (to the discussions) have been insightful and amazing.

Krishna Rajagopal

Operational CEO, Production Robotics

My participation in AMBayArea has been invaluable! The cost of joining is minimal, and the ROI is immeasurable. This has been an excellent investment for my company. What I love about AMBayArea is the (opportunity for) brainstorming and community on a local level…it’s targeted to what is important to companies like mine.

Linda Fong

Owner, FASTSIGNS Oakland & Hayward

AMBayArea has helped our company in a big way to navigate the Covid-19 crisis by providing valuable information and resources through regular Executive Roundtable Discussions with knowledgeable experts. Bringing together many of the manufacturers in the area to discuss common concerns and issues, sharing knowledge, and devising concerted efforts to affect change is necessary to keep manufacturing alive in the Bay Area.

Michael Feser, Ph.D.

CEO, Lyncean Technologies Inc.

Throughout the pandemic, AMBayArea has been there for local manufacturers. It requires ingenuity to operate manufacturing plants in the highly regulated, high-cost Bay Area. The mutual support has been invaluable as frequently changing regulations and conditions impacted everyone with physical operations, and supply chain fluctuations impacted production and distribution.

Hannah Kain

President & CEO, ALOM

The Association of Manufacturers Bay Area provides camaraderie. Bay Area manufacturers are dealing with the same issues. This is a fantastic group of manufacturing leaders.

Glen Ottinger

President, ThermoFusion

AMBayArea programs, including the Virtual Executive Roundtable Discussions, have proven very helpful. Members provide ideas and opinions from many perspectives. This is time well spent!

Sandy Hunter

President, Hunter Hawk, Inc.

Since joining AMBayArea, I have reaped significant benefits from fellow colleagues in the industry and area. There has been valuable discussion about how to deal with the challenges that face us all, and genuine effort on AMBayArea’s team to continuously improve their offerings and make key connections.

Grace Erickson

General Manager, OCHO Candy

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