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Own the Business? Own the Building: Your Guide to SBA 504 Financing

The 504 Program allows business owners to purchase real estate with only 10% down and a below market, fixed interest rate fully amortized over 25 years. Owning your building provides Bay Area manufacturers a stable operating location and peace of mind, knowing they will not get priced out of the area.

Presenter: Barbara Morrison, Founder and President of TMC Financing Barbara can be reached at415.989.8855 or barbara@tmcfinancing.com.

25 Min | 3.2019

International Banking: Getting Paid for an Export Sale

Negotiating an export sale can be a complex operation with dozens of steps and legal considerations involved. Hear from an international banking expert on the various details of export sales, as well as a manufacturer’s options for financing foreign sales.

Presenter: Ken Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and Manager of the International Banking Group for Bridge Bank. Ken can be reached at 408.556.6541 or ken.rosenberg@bridgebank.com.

32 Min | 11.2018

Wage & Hourly Webinar: Small Mistakes, Major Consequences… Let’s Hit Rewind

Wage and hour lawsuits can easily cost companies upwards of six to seven figures. Learn the in’s and out’s of employee claims, derivative claims and penalties – and more importantly, how to avoid costly litigation through thoughtful policies and procedures at the offset of the employment relationship.

Presenter: Sarju Naran, Chair of Employment Law for Hoge, Fenton, Jones and Appel. Sarju can be reached at 408.947.2456 or sarju.naran@hogefenton.com.

58 Min | 8.2018

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